Our people

Experts in seeking real estates, financing, design, handling investments and management of commercial and office facilities

We form a team which has many years of experience related to seeking land properties, from analysis in terms of viability to timely investment performance, in terms of optimal concept and design development, project management, to financing, servicing and managing the property.

At the official procedure, concept and offer preparation state, for the purpose of signing contracts for the design and construction of a hall and office building, the investor gets at their disposal a team consisting of a contract manager, architect responsible for the project and the customer service department. This team prepares the entire scope of works in collaboration with the project department chief, site manager, discipline designers and contractors.

Based on the signed contract for the preparation of a building design and turnkey construction, the constructor, electrical, sanitary and road discipline designers, environmental protection specialist, geodesy surveyor, geodesy technician, site manager and construction engineer are added to the team.

At the time of handing over the building site, the team is joined by works managers for the individual disciplines and contractors of specified construction works.

At the time of final acceptance, the team is joined by a person in charge of the building’s warranty servicing, as well person managing the building.

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Maciej Winter

President of the board

An expert in managing projects related to industrial facilities, logistics centers, commercial buildings, office buildings, apartment complexes, and residential buildings - from planning a new location and land acquisition to design. An engineer and management manager with extensive experience.