Plan of activities and execution of the agreed tasks, from the moment of seeking property until signing the contract, financing, execution of the logistic and architectural concept, design, through to onsite supervision, turnkey commissioning and property management.


The investor is looking for substantive support from practitioners in terms of comprehensive execution of manufacturing, storage and commercial halls, office buildings and apartments for short-term lease, in order to carry out a proper purchase of property, as well as a designer, contractor, developer and property manager. For that purpose the specialized AM WINTER team works together with the property seller, real-estate agency, investor or, on special order, seeking the required property. In order to make an informed purchase with the best quality to price ratio, the AM WINTER team makes a shared decision with the Investor regarding the scope of analysis, which may encompass the following range of conceptual and pre-commencement works aimed at achieving a well prepared and efficient business dealing in short-term lease.

The result of our services it the possibility to chose and sign a contract for the construction of a storage building in a build – to - suit model or purchase of an operating business in the form of an apartment, with documented good financial results, including management services.

As part of cooperation, investors will receive optimally tailored for effective utility, supported by the knowledge of designers, as well as experts in the construction and lease of buildings.