Our company

winsolutions  based on long-term experience.


WIN Construction Development is a Polish company specialized in earning money for Investors in relation to seeking or sale of properties, financing, preparation of the building concept or design for logistic, production and commercial buildings or offices, as well as execution of the entire investment process, including building management.



We analyze or seek land properties for construction of commercial, storage, production and office buildings, which best meet the needs of a dedicated recipient. Our expertise is a result of 20-year experience of specialists in the design and construction of halls and office buildings. We have designed and built over 75 halls and office buildings. Our business model involves providing support in the purchase of land, preparing the building concept or design, together with the building permit and author’s supervision.

AM WINTER – we will find your land and design an optimal hall and/or office building.



We execute developer investments which best meet the needs of the dedicated recipient. Using a build-to-suit (BTS) model we deliver not only warehouses, but also functional solutions and the highest level of service at the stage of lease. We handle specific land properties of the developer or those indicated by the Investor. In this model the Customer may hand over their own land, specify a location or commission searching for land to suit their individual expectations. 20 years of experience in designing warehouse buildings allows us to adapt the size of office space depending on the number of white collar and blue collar workers, as well as other requirements. We realize different variants of cooperation, from lease for a specified period, through to turnkey construction and handover of the building to the investor. We finance investments in storage facilities, logistics centers and light manufacturing.

WIN Construction Development – we design, build and lease thee ideal storage facility to suit your individual needs.


Our team has combined 25 years of business experience, the experience of designers and contractors specialized in production, storage and commercial structures, with experience in the area of enclosed buildings and property management.
We are distinguished by our tested   winsolutions?, based on long-term experience.


As a result, the Investor from the very beginning is able to generate savings from several to over a dozen percent, reliable solutions thanks to the experience we have gained in business, financing, designing, contracting and property management.

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The values we follow

Highest level of customer service

WIN Construction Development  us a company which cultivates values such as swiftness of operation, flexibility in cooperation, a rational approach to design, good quality to price ratio, comprehensive service, guarantee of a partnership-based approach to cooperation arising from direct involvement of the company’s owners on every stage of cooperation.

Specialization in halls and office buildings

Guarantee of a successful investment

We are a company with 25 years of experience which guarantees full competence in the performance of specialized services in terms of design and turnkey construction of apartments, commercial and office buildings based on the best staff in this segment available on the market and over 100 structures built.

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A to Z Services

Quick and professional execution

WIN Construction Development  is specialized in comprehensive services, from seeking land properties, concepts, building designs, through to handover of apartments, halls/offices for utilization, servicing and expansion.

Optimal solutions for the user

Best quality to price ratio

WIN Construction Development  is specialized in the optimal design of concepts in terms of budget and utility, i.e. area development plans and apartment functioning plans, hall/office complex social and office infrastructure, façade and roof projections, 3D visualization

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Land purchase guarantee

Investment performance within the allotted time and budget

WIN Construction Development  is specialized in ensuring land property purchase, i.e. preparing a managerial analysis allowing to sign a preliminary notary agreement for the sale of land and later, the promised agreement, without risk that investment will be halted on the purchased land property.

Bank promise

Quick check of financing possibilities from foreign capital

WIN Construction Development  is specialized in preparing materials for the bank in order to acquire a loan promise, i.e. an A to Z offer and a schedule o works and expenditures.

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