Notary deed

 Land or apartment sale notary deed


Secure land and apartment purchase

  Comprehensive service by the specialized AM WINTER team in terms of optimal selection of commercial, office or residential building parameters, which can be included in the preliminary sales agreement, confirmed by a notary. As a result of the prepared managerial analysis investors receive a guarantee of constructing a building at the specified price and in the specified deadline, and then sign the pre-approved sales agreement.

Additional scope of conceptual and pre-commencement works in order to sign a flat rate agreement for the building design preparation and A to Z construction.

The result of our services is the possibility to  chose and sign a contract for the construction of a storage building in a build-to-suit model or purchase of an operating business in the form of an apartment, with documented good financial results, including management services. 

As part of our cooperation, investors receive    optimal in terms of utility, supported by the knowledge of designers, as well as experts in hall and office building construction experts and apartment lease managers.