The most important, strategic manufacturing and logistics area for Rawicz, 3 minutes away from S5, 20 minutes from Wrocław, 70 minutes from Poznań. 1, 2, 5, 14, 20 ha... 35 ha

Attractive land properties with above-standard potencial, for manufacturing and logistics, located near Wrocław (Rawicz S5), with an area from 5,3ha up to 14ha - in one parcel. 


Add: 11.08.2016


Completion of an investment involving conversion of a residential premise into a luxury apartment and management, for short-term lease in Gdańsk.

AM WINTER has found, designed and comprehensively executed an apartment for the Summer&Winter brand which specializes in management and short-term lease of apartments

Add: 24.12.2017


III Economic Forum in Rawicz

It is now the third time that a huge economic event will take place in Rawicz. This year’s Forum is planned for the 16th of November 2017 at 11:00 in the events hall of the Cultural Center in Rawicz, Targowa street 1.

This year the main slogan of the event is:“Time of the Worker”. Is there actually a shortage of Polish professionals eager to work? The meeting will be hosted by Tomasz Telesiński, director of Greater Poland’s Investor Service Center. Participants of the forum will include entrepreneurs and local government representatives from Greater Poland and Lower Silesia.

Add: 02.12.2017


We guarantee a 5-8% rate of return. Apartment in Gdańsk?s Old Town.

An elegant, 3-room apartment featuring a studio, with the soul of the surrounding heart of the Old Town, in a prestigious location near the Church of St. Mary.

Add: 21.08.2017


II Economic Forum in Rawicz. The magnet city. An interesting land property offer for hall and office complex development. We encourage you to contact us in order to receive a special invitation to the

The economic forum organized by the Mayor of the Rawicz Municipality, the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and the Local Government Credit Surety Fund will take place on the 28th of October 2016 in the event hall of the Rawicz Culture Center at Targowa street 1.

Add: 30.09.2016


AM WINTER in Września and Gdynia

AM WINTER from Września – a specialist in apartment and storage facility investment.

Add: 06.09.2016


How to optimally execute an investment?

How to optimally execute an investment in a commercial building on the example of modern self-service stores in the “home and garden” sector. Functional ideas for facilities from 1000m2 to 4000m2 or additional space for lease.

Add: 25.07.2016


Aluminum composite plates and quartz sinters

Aluminum composite plates and quartz sinters, in a glass façade surrounding – image of a 2000m2 office complex in the role of brand strategy and a demanding, 10 000 m2 logistics facility with a large number of pallet positions.

Add: 10.07.2016