, based on many years of experience.

WIN Construction Development carries out all pre-commencement works necessary to execute a project in the build – to – suit model, according to the investor’s individual expectations. As a developer of halls and office buildings we enter into a lease agreement and, if the requirement arises, makes the property available to buy out.


Elements which distinguish WIN Construction Development   A DEVELOPER OF STORAGE BUILDINGS.

Servicing with winsolutions

As a result, the investor receives a mix of solutions with the best price to quality ratio, characterized by rational utilization costs, with a unique building design.

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Concepts focused on the property?s potential, the best logistics and low construction costs

As a result the investor receives the best possible planned land property, taking into consideration the best logists.

Additionally, an analysis is performed as to the justifiability of applying specific solutions, taking into consideration the costs of execution and the return rate period on the invested capital.

Solutions incorporating optimal technology

The investor receives reliable solutions, such as properly prepared substructure, prefabricated foundations; casing with the critical connector; steel, reinforced concrete or wooden structures; selection from several office building façade technologies with unique design idea; a reliable standard of execution in terms of selecting the right brands of reference equipment and materials, as well as interior finishing; reliable electrical and sanitary trade solutions; reliable route and flooring execution technologies, all other complete solutions necessary to acquire an occupancy permit for the manufacturing, storage, commercial or office building.

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A team of specialists in the area of comprehensive design and construction of halls and office buildings

The Investor receives a comprehensively prepared building design based on WINSolutions optimized in terms of utility. It is made possible thanks to the experience of building over 100 structures and cooperation of an interdisciplinary team consisting of an architect, electrical and sanitary trade designers, road designer, environmental protection specialist, geologist, surveyor, constructor, contract manager (construction engineer), building site manager, quotation department director, design department director and customer service department director.